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...do their jobs independently and unrequested and are totally proud of it!

Stop "reminding" your family and let the easyfaM boards do the work.

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Win free time buffers for yourself!

Relieve yourself by distributing family tasks fairly on all shoulders.

The family boards and easyfaM methods release you from your "inner" checklists and the constant co-thinking for all.

Easy to use professional tips explained in an intuitive way.

Immediate overview for all to school, housework and appointments.

We solve your everyday hassle. Without follow-up costs!


With our unique knowledge and experience we have developed special family boards for your family life. Initially only passed on to our friends, we now want to make our many years of proven methods available to all families.


Taskboard Set: Agile method board set to distribute workload witin a group in a selforganising way. Bamboo board with antracite metal plate inlay and four bamboo figures next to it, standing on white sideboard

The best way to not quarrel about tasks in the family anymore.


Daily routines visualized simply and playfully do miracles.


Pure motivation and entertaining family fun.


  • Visualization of tasks and routines makes it much easier for children
  • With the included detailed instruction you simply get started
  • The magnetic boards are easy and comfortable to handle for children and adults
  • Many families already benefit and are excited
  • With many different sticker symbols directly customizable for your individual everyday life
  • Made of renewable bamboo, naturally fair and of high quality
  • Order now and become happy!!!

Feel the new tailwind, the comforting warmth and lightness when big quarrel topics disappear from your family.

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What customers say

"Even our 5-year old son became much more self-reliant. Daily and weekly tasks are easy now, much happier! We have fun and way more harmony."

Veronika & Tobi S., Regensburg

"Much less quarrels and discussions with our 3 kids. Tasks are completed faster, more time for everyone! The former feeling of injustice is gone, great!"

Kirsten & Lutz M., Lindenberg

"So grateful for the change in behavior and respect among us! Won lots of time, got rid of most arguments. Great how adjustable to our needs it is!"

Mia & Phil L., Munich

Get valuable tips now regularly


Design your individual family board. This makes the specific board (Taskboard, Race or Challenge) your individual board.

According to your needs and collaborative agreements. 

Invest as family once maximally 30 min to 1 hr to win in on the long term several hours time buffer.

Simple explanations are included as step-by-step instructions.

There are no follow-up costs!

Plan your family board



02 January 2020
Fair division of family tasks: Spiegel Online about easyfaM

Spiegel Online, 01.01.2020. As an editor, Heike Kleen experienced countless feedbacks on the situation of today's families and parents. She summarised her experiences and knowledge and wrote a New Year's article (click) on how parents divide up the manifold tasks in a way that is both livable and lovable. easyfaM is a recommended solution. Reading recommendation!

25 June 2019
Agile working: Make it your family project

Nicole Thurn from Vienna with her online blog Newworkstories.com writes a great story about easyfaM and how family and career can succeed. https://www.newworkstories.com/agiles-arbeiten-familie/

28 May 2019
Family-conscious employers are more profitable. How to convince my boss!

"I could put more energy into my job if my employer gave me more freedom in terms of time and place," one hears many employees say again and again. At the same time, many employers are suffering more than ever from an existential shortage of skilled workers. A family-conscious corporate culture helps both employees and employers.

History and Motivation

In every family, parents are always worried whether they are doing the right thing to support their children in the best possible way. But there is no education for this. We have studied this contradiction more closely...

You probably know this: You argue with the children about the morning routine, small household chores, mobile phone use or behaviour when learning? Do you also lack the time and methodology to do this? This can be frustrating, although you are usually the hero of your children, hard-working and loving. We, the founders of easyfaM, were also in a similar situation as working parents of two children.

Find out more about our background and our philosophy.