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The New Chance for Working Parents:

"Pro"-Methods for "Pro"-Parents

The easyfaM tools and methods support

  • the strong, happy and passionate development of children,
  • peace-loving and attentive family time,
  • the professional realization of both parents,

without changing the parenting style and with no extra time. Everyone in the family benefits from this. easyfaM has selected the most effective professional methods, proven millions of times over, and further developed them for families with children. Pediatricians, child psychotherapists, ADHD Association and many more recommend the easyfaM method.

There are trainings and tools for everything, but not for the best challenge in life: a happy family. How to organize your family more easily, master your daily work routine, teach your children values for life and have a peaceful relationship? You argue with your children about the morning routine, household helps, mobile phones or their learning habits?

In times of rapid change, no one should be left behind. We want to prepare all children for the future in the best possible way. The effective easyfaM methods provide you with playful tools for every age and with coaching videos for parents. We have adapted agile and lean working methods to the needs of children in order to simplify the structuring of your everyday family life.

Clearly communicated rules, fair and age-appropriate sharing of tasks as well as mutual appreciation are the basics of the various easyfaM sets and methods. They take you as parents out of the line of fire and save you from constant discussions. This leaves you more valuable time - the desired relief and harmonious cooperation come naturally. And all family members get to know the most modern working methods. Teamwork, independence, reliability, personal responsibility and recognition - learned playfully for life!

Why does easyfaM work so well? An example!

Children love visible progress, playful competition, free time allocation, repetitions. Routines give security and composure. The methods help everyone to unfold, with less arguments and more time.

Example: Teamwork with easyfaM Taskboard: Everybody does their tasks voluntarily, unsolicited, independently.

Place all weekly tasks ready at hand on the Taskboard. You have them out of your mind, and they are visible to everyone. Everyone decides themselves when to do what. Condition: Up to Sat., everyone has completed 3 tasks. Effect: The longer I wait, the worse are the remaining tasks. So, I better finish them early... The small red/green bamboo columns lead through daily routines (homework, pet, brush teeth, sports, ...). Is the week's work done? Activate the optional contingent for favourite activities (e.g. favourite series, PC game), and your kid learns self regulation.


Solve these issues sustainably with easyfaM

  • PC, Smartphone: Cooperativly towards a sustainable agreement
  • Taskboard: Even kids do their work and routines without being asked
  • Race: Punctual & relaxed in the critical phases with playful routines
  • Challenge: Celebrating success, self-motivated for good performances
  • Perfect workspace: Better grades and reliability for school
  • Good manners: Team fit, behavior and creativity
  • Time-management in the family: Permanent relief
  • Teenager: Motivate with target agreements & career orientation
  • And many more, e.g. giving Feedback in an appropriate way

What customers and experts say

"Even our 5-year old son became much more self-reliant. Daily and weekly tasks are easy now, much happier! We have fun and way more harmony."

Veronika & Tobi S., Regensburg

"Much less quarrels and discussions with our 3 kids. Tasks are completed faster, more time for everyone! The former feeling of injustice is gone, great!"

Kirsten & Lutz M., Lindenberg

"So grateful for the change in behavior and respect among us! Won lots of time, got rid of most arguments. Great how adjustable to our needs it is!"

Mia & Phil L., Munich



25 June 2019
Agile working: Make it your family project

Nicole Thurn from Vienna with her online blog Newworkstories.com writes a great story about easyfaM and how family and career can succeed. https://www.newworkstories.com/agiles-arbeiten-familie/

28 May 2019
Family-conscious employers are more profitable. How to convince my boss!

"I could put more energy into my job if my employer gave me more freedom in terms of time and place," one hears many employees say again and again. At the same time, many employers are suffering more than ever from an existential shortage of skilled workers. A family-conscious corporate culture helps both employees and employers.

20 May 2019
easyfaM reconciles family and professional life

Many companies are struggling to find the "right" employees. easyfaM supports companies to become more family-friendly and to relieve employees with younger children so that it is easier for them to combine family and career more smoothly.

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The Story and Motivation

In every family, parents are often uncertain whether they are good enough and whether they are doing the right thing to support their children in the best possible way. There is no education for this, although families are the basis of every society. Structure, flexibility and routines are the foundation of every family in the future.

We have looked closely at this contradiction, because we were in a similar situation like you - arguing with the children about the morning routine, small household help etc. If you lack time and methodology, this can be very frustrating, although you are usually the hero of your children, hard-working and loving. We had the great wish that children and parents could be happy and relaxed. We wanted relief, fewer conflicts, more fun and participation of the children. For this we have collected and developed  the best solutions and methods over many years. easyfaM has developed agile management methods for children, prepared effective learning methods and transformed playful automatisms into tools.

Today, there are tools available for families with children of all ages that teach routines and guide processes in a playful way. In the easyfaM coaching videos you develop your methodical skills as a parent. You gain time for more success and harmony for everyone. Children also learn modern working methods in a playful way and adhere to your rules more often. Thus you stimulate skills like independence, helpfulness, sense of responsibility, reliability, teamwork, role model function, feedback, etc..

The world changes rapidly and no one should lose touch. So, get the tools and methods now for a happy, harmonious and successful family. easyfaM makes you and your loved ones strong!