Optimise pupil desk and school bag for easy learning

Eight-year-old girl with long, light brown hair lies relaxed and smiling with her chin on an open textbook, on a neat, structured desk
Methodenkarte, Schüler-Checkliste, Methodenerläuterung, Video

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  • Methodenkarte Arbeitsumgebung lernoptimal gestalten nach 5S, 162.6 KB
  • Arbeitsplatz-Checkliste für Kind und Eltern, 873.3 KB
  • Erklärung der Lean Management Methode 5S für die Lernoptimierung des Schülerarbeitsplatzes und der Schultasche, 223.3 KB

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Optimise pupil desk and school bag for easy learning

Achieve good overview, clear mind, a ready packed school bag and homework completed reliably.

  • See the full workshop how you can set this up with your children
  • Learn how to apply the 5S-method regarding workstations, derived from Lean Management
  • Download the method sheet, the full checklist to go through.
  • Implement it within 1 hour easily. You and your kids will love it.
  • Implement the most important ergonomic requirements 
  • Use the simple organisation system, that works for millions of desks

Do you also know the issue, that your kids take too long for homework, or homework is not always done reliably? Do too many things collect at the desk, or do they even do homework at the kitchen table? There is potential for a clear structure for your childrens learning environment in order to save them time, achieve better grades and give parents an easier overview. Don't forget, that workdesk structure is something that many of the parents generation never have learned. It may help you as parents in your jobs, but most importantly, it is a working technique for your kids, which they will internalize for their whole working live.

The lean management methods used here are 5S and GoGemba.

5S is a method for a structured, visualized and tidy working environment for our kids. It is a worldwide standard in innovative offices. GoGemba is a lean management method, which says: If you want to change something, you have to go where you want to change something and work on it with the users.

We as parents are responsible for supporting the children with the best method for work desks. The video shows the implementation with simple and fundamentally important auxiliaries and supports you in a step-by-step process: simple for everyone and effective for you.

Now, see the video, make your notes, use the checklist and make your kids and yourself happy. It will be a relief for your family, and a step towards better grades.