How target agreements may work for teenagers

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How target agreements may work for teenagers

The easyfaM Target Match method helps you to coach your kid to achieve it´s goals and to install a mature culture of communication.

  • Use our easyfaM Target Match method to align kids and family goals.
  • Define the individual's expectations while improving trust and understanding.
  • Encourages communication and feedback with your teenager.
  • Assists career planning and development.
  • Ensures that what you agree upon is relevant and achievable (SMART).
  • Clarify the shared responsibility between you and your kid.
  • Coach your kid and establish a process to follow up on your kids plans.

Conducting a Target Match interview and providing feedback are only the start. This not only ensures to support your kids, it also set up a great and mature culture of communication. These agreements are essentially a way of making sure that you both are aware of what your kid need to work on, and why.