Financial leeway as a family | Finances for children

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Financial leeway as a family | Finances for children

Short on cash, unclear how to create financial leeway or even make financial provisions for your children? Best practice on how to divide accounts, build up reserves, recognise and create new room for manoeuvre and make provisions for the children.

Having financial leeway enables social affiliation. Those who always do without and cannot or do not want to allow their children to enjoy their beloved hobbies are blocking many private and professional developments.

First of all - this is not financial advice. As always, we have collected best practices on which methods can put your family on a resilient, future-proof financial foundation. In the video and in the method map you will find a recommendation for the division of accounts between the parents, which enables the necessary trust in each other and yet makes it easy to separate property in the event of the parents separating.

Together with you, we create the conditions for you to recognise or create new financial leeway and show you how to use different pots from which you can pay for living expenses, collect money for fun and holidays, build up reserves loosely on the side to cushion surprises and purchases: the surprising financial challenges of life are the broken refrigerator or the big car repair. Planned purchases can be prepared for in a relaxed way over many months, such as the car, the new front door or the heat pump in five years.

We suggest different ways of saving a small fortune for the children from birth with part of the state child benefit money and what you should do so that your children develop a very positive, mindful approach to their small fortune.

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