Always up-to-date: Instant overview of school, housework & appointments

Six-year-old blonde girl with plaits and blue flower summer dress sits on carpet in the house entrance and puts on her sandals conscientiously

Video: Mit Transparenz und den richtigen Hilfsmitteln zum Sofort-Überblick sowie zu gegenseitiger Anerkennung in der Familie!

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Always up-to-date: Instant overview of school, housework & appointments

You come home and you get assignments right away? You can't make appointments for the family on your own? Experience the fantastic feeling when both parents are able to make decisions at any time and everyone is aware of your needs and success.

✓ Come home and enjoy the family.
✓ Nobody gives out more tasks because you can see for yourself. Decide for yourself when you make which contribution.
✓ Immediate overview for everyone regarding school, housework and appointments
✓ End of helplessness. Not an argument, but partnership.
✓ Successes become visible and thus recognised by all.
✓ Equal partnership. Your partner perceives your needs and successes. Everyone sees what has been done today.

With easyfaM, experience the fantastic feeling of a loving, firm partner relationship. Get to know the new transparency and the simple tools for everyday life in the video. Feel appreciated by the recognition in the family!