Develop innovative communication skills

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  • Methodenkarte "Entwickle bessere Kommunikationsfähigkeiten. Methodik, Elternverhalten, Kinderverhalten, spielerische Trainingstipps", 187.1 KB

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Develop innovative communication skills

My kid knows everything better than me. It does not listen to what I say. Creating an innovative communication culture develops kids to being an interesting person to talk to.

How often have your kids shared an idea with you, and while you listen to the idea, you already think about the “buts” and “no’s”. The kid finishes enthusiastically, and you tell him in depth why this is not going to work. Try the following simple change: Do not answer with "yes, but..." and answer with "yes, and..." make his idea even stronger, bring it further by adding your creative thoughts on it. Your kid will either love the creativity and you help him to make ideas more precisely, or it will admit himself, that maybe the idea was nonsense. Most likely, you don't need to say this anymore. 

Often, kids talk in monologues. This does not allow vice-versa communication and may annoy siblings and parents. You may want to lead that into real conversation by giving a few rules to your kid, like for example: 

  • Keep eye contact while talking. This keeps it shorter, brings some respect and maybe perception about what the other person feels.
  • Always end with a question, in order to incorporate the other person. E.g., what do you think about that? What is your experience with that? Have you had this before? What is your opinion on that? Shall we try that? Etc. 


Summarizing, developing the communication skills is good for your family life and very important for your kid in its progress of becoming an interesting person to chat with. Don't forget: When the kids are old enough to apply for jobs, cultural fit and communication skills will be a few of the most important recruitment criteria, because so many other competences maybe taken by digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Please note, that you will also find many more good-behavior-related topics in the training on "Good Manners".

See the video and find out more about how to achieve an innovative communication culture, which approaches like gamification can bring real fun into the solutions and just copy what you discover there. Have fun!