Don't quit your job for the kids

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Don't quit your job for the kids

Do you want to accept massive financial restrictions for the remaining 35 years of your working life, thwarted by the first years of childcare? Learn why you should stick with it and how you can combine family and career.

This video is an eye opener! 
✓ PREVENT. How to stay on despite baby break, without disadvantages.
✓ STAYED MORE. How your salary grows attractively despite time out and part-time work.
✓ FUTURE-PROOF. How to avoid the badly paid jobs as a re-entrant.
✓ PARTNERSHIP. How you grow together for a lifetime and take on equal roles.
✓ CHILDREN'S GOOD LUCK. How your children benefit from you and your partner more than ever.
✓ ESTEEM. How your double achievement is appreciated and recognized.
✓ BACKWIND. How you get tail wind for your personal and professional development.

With easyfaM, enjoy the knowledge advantage for your professional life with family and discover the ways to achieve the best possible balance between family and career.