Give feedback in an appropriate way

Father gives his twelve year old son sincere feedback, both standing on the kitchen block, with great pride in the boy's eyes and upright posture on both sides

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Give feedback in an appropriate way

Feedback is a present. Make sure that everyone can accept it. Discover the best applicable methods.

  • 6 simple but very effective tips to give feedback in a way that your child can accept it easily
  • Communicate specific examples of the kids behavior that you have observed 
  • Make your kids aware of the effects of that behavior you can observe 
  • Let your kid know how this behavior is making you feel
  • Discuss a plan to develop more acceptable behavior in the future 

Provide feedback in a way that our kids are able to learn out of it. - This is a skill! Give Feedback analogous to the BOFF-Modell. We show you how to apply it. Our aim is that the kids feel comfortable, even if the feedback is difficult or negative. We are aiming to make it a positive experience by describing the behavior and its impact and finding ways of making improvements in the future.