Suddenly stress in elementary school: ADHD?

1. Probleme die in der Grundschule plötzlich auftreten können.

1. Problems that can suddenly appear in elementary school.

2. Does my child suffer from ADHD? Hereditary component and pediatrician's evaluation.

3. Dangers and recommendations: This is what you need to be aware of! Tips and recommendations of an experienced pediatrician and TCM doctor

Suddenly stress in elementary school: ADHD?

In this interview with the experienced pediatrician Ekkehart Hamma, we discuss potential problems of elementary school students, difficulties and dangers of ADHD, and recommendations for dealing with it.

 BACKGROUND: Potential problems in elementary school.

ELEMENTARY EXPERIENCES: What experiences are essential

ADHD: How should parents respond when ADHD is present?

DANGERS: Risks of ADHD in youth and recommendations for parents

Discover new insights in the interview with the well-known expert, pediatrician Ekkehart Hamma from Isny/Germany.