Starting a family and parental relationship: clarify this before...

Video above: In the launch video, we focus heavily on the issues you should ideally discuss as parents before starting a family, so that your relationship has a good chance of 'surviving' the children.

Video below: Is he/she right for me? 10 questions to find out if you have what it takes for a happy relationship.
An expert article by graduate psychologist Dr Katharina Tempel, an expert in the field of positive psychology.

Download-Pdf: "Is it still a partnership when your partner does most of the work?" The professional article published in the magazine Healthstyle June 2023 describes the overarching perspective on the relationship of working parents and what you can do yourself to ensure that both parents achieve their private and professional goals, the children develop well and the relationship will last. Enjoy the inspiration!


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Starting a family and parental relationship: clarify this before...

The parental relationship is the core of a family that is worth protecting. If it breaks down, this is a serious break in life for both children and parents. It is therefore very worthwhile to place the parental relationship on the firm, equally weighted foundation of a genuine partnership.

Eye level usually requires more initiative from one partner and the trust of the other partner. We focus very closely on the questions you should clarify as a couple before having your first child and how you can put your mutual relationship on a long-term foundation. This topic of couple relationship is so important to us because it is good for everyone when it works happily. Children learn from us parents as role models how relationship can succeed. We adults enjoy a lifetime of a shoulder to lean on, gather strength and for our balance - even if the mirror is held up to us again and again - it is worthwhile to return to appreciative eye level even the thousandth time, to get the other parent out of his tunnel and to forgive. 

Separations and relationship problems are often triggers for poor professional performance, days of absence and presenteeism. Presenteeism, described somewhat abbreviated, means that we are present on the job, but without being fully productive. Every manager knows salary negotiations with employees, which are justified with the increased costs due to a separation. This has nothing to do with your performance. Therefore it is simply not a useful, let alone effective argument for a salary increase. So it is worth investing a grain of gold in your relationship every day in order to be in good hands in it for life.

You don't believe in lifelong relationships? All right, if you separate, then model for the children that this works lovingly and as partners, and thus preserve your relationships with each other. Think about the situations you will put your environment in if you break up hostilely? The child's wedding - which parent will be invited? Friends are having a party - who else can we invite? Take care of each other and take our motto with you into every day, similar to the following quote: 

“Love doesn’t happen overnight. We fall in love with someone when they show us, consistently, that they’re willing to put our needs ahead of their own. It’s the small, seemingly insignificant actions that add up over time, until one day we wake up and say, ‘I love you.’” — Simon Sinek