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29 June 2020

BVMW partnership with easyfaM as partner of the medium-sized businesses

For employers who need more flexibility in the global competitive environment of the VUKA world and feel the need for flexibility from their employees. easyfaM supports small and medium-sized companies in how they can easily give their employees skill, trust and time, achieve 20% more performance with the same workforce within 6 months and become one of the most family-friendly employers in their region.

►► Please note our current offers for BVMW members in the marketplace of the BVMW member portal:

✓ How to gain at least 20% performance without new skilled workers With less stress and more quality of life for everyone.
✓ How you ensure speed and innovation to master the VUKA world.
✓ How to save jobs and high expenses for personnel consultants.
✓ How to 'charge' employees with skills and time on a low-threshold basis.
✓ How to build up a culture of trust, get top applicants.
✓ How to find your sweet spot of employer attractiveness.
✓ How to make sure your employees hardly ever drop out and the weak perform again.


In 20 years as a top manager in medium-sized companies, it has been shown that entrepreneurial goals are achieved and exceeded above all when employees are happy to share their ideas, are fully committed to them, question the tried and tested, work independently and are able to combine their lives with their careers. At the same time, global competition in the VUKA world demands enormous flexibility, innovative strength and speed in order to survive successfully as a company.

I am concerned that many small and large market leaders are losing ground in terms of employer attractiveness, readiness for the VUKA world and the digital transformation.

We have developed superior solutions for this, how companies can make the VUKA world manageable with little effort and become a top employer. Your managers and employees will love you for this. Your bank will love you too ;-)

Your contact person
✓ Christian Eineder, happily married, father of 2 teenagers
✓ Engineer (Munich, Berkeley) and MBA (Henley, UK)
✓ Founder, entrepreneur, business angel, speaker, consultant
✓ 15 years of management in medium-sized companies
✓ 20 years of experience in management culture, work methodology, new work, employer branding, compatibility, digital transformation
✓ Author of many publications, Xing Insider
✓ We understand your challenges.