easyfaM Taskboard

easyfaM Taskboard easyfaM Taskboard easyfaM Taskboard easyfaM Taskboard easyfaM Taskboard
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easyfaM Taskboard

For playful teamwork in the family: everyone does their work voluntarily, unsolicited and independently. Parents are relieved of the constant reminders and enjoy the fair distribution of tasks. They are no longer the pushy ones, but "catch" their children lovingly when they have already done something. Everyone gains valuable time, independence and composure. Quickly grab the picture of the favourite task, drag it onto the play figure and get going before someone else snags it away. 

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Why is the taskboard so effective?

Place all weekly tasks within reach on the supply board. You have them out of your mind, and they are visible to everyone. Everyone decides themselves when to do what. Condition: Until Sat. everyone has completed 3 tasks. The effect: The longer I wait, the worse are the remaining tasks. 

The red/green bamboo columns in the figure foot lead you through daily routines (homework, unpacking bag, feeding pet, brushing teeth, sports, etc.). If the weekly target is completed, activate the optional contingent of the favourite activity (e.g. favourite series, PC game). In this way the children learn to regulate themselves.

Product information

  • Suitable for 4-99 years
  • Designed for 4 people. 
  • For more than 4 persons, please also purchase the extension set.
  • Complete set with bilingual instructions (DE, EN)
  • Contents:
    • 1 storage board with stand and connecting screws
    • 4 figures with 4 table stands and 12 bamboo pins with green and red front side
    • Full sticker set with a selection of 70 green and 58 white stickers
    • 14 black magnet coins, later to be covered with stickers
  • Warning: This organisation tool is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 4 years! Small parts – danger of choking!
  • Article weight: approx. 1.600g
  • Product dimensions:
    • Overall dimensions board with 4 figures approx. width 50 x height 26 x depth 9 cm
    • Board approx. W26 x H26 x D1 cm with foot depth 4 cm
    • Figure with foot W7.5 x H23 x D7.5 cm
  • Packaging size: approx. 28.5 cm x 27.5 cm x 5 cm
  • Assembly required: Yes, small workshop with children to individualize to your family needs
  • Spare parts: Please purchase the easyfaM Taskboard Refill Set
  • Main materials: Bamboo wood, a fast-growing renewable material, which is usually grown without fertilizers and pesticides due to its high robustness. It is very hard, dense and at the same time flexible enough for many years of use by families. The woods, varnishes and glues were randomly tested for toxins and heavy metals. None of them could be detected.
  • Packaging: Plastic-free, to protect the environment
Father and mother moderate the use of the taskboard with the twelve- and fourteen-year-old sons at the dining table.
Father praises twelve-year-old blonde son and proudly embraces him with a view of his taskboard figure, standing at the kitchen unit

Experience with easyfaM in everyday life

"Who'd have thought that my husband and the kids share all housework with me fairly. Great change, thanks!"

Melina and Luis R., Zuerich

"We use the Taskboard with 8 persons. Wonderful, how it organises bigger workloads in teams, by itself!"

Gregor and Petra S., Salzburg

"Much better now, helping each other without quarrels. So fair, simple and efficient!"

Peter and Margret Z., Dachau