Work more flexibly and freely! How to get a family-friendly employer

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Hier noch die im Video angekündigte Präsentation mit den besten Fakten zu familienfreundlichen Arbeitgebern:

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Work more flexibly and freely! How to get a family-friendly employer

"I could put more energy into my job if my employer gave me more freedom in terms of time and place,' one hears many employees say again and again. At the same time, many employers are suffering more than ever from an existential shortage of skilled workers. A family-conscious corporate culture helps both employees and employers.

Here you will find out why family-friendly employers are more profitable and which arguments you can use to convince your boss to introduce some family-friendly measures that will help you to lead a more compatible life for family and career. You may already be working in a family-friendly company. Then...

A few facts in advance to satisfy your curiosity?

  • 42 % less absence from work
  • 38 % more applications
  • 15% more productivity

Incredibly, but proven in some very relevant studies. In the video and downloads, you'll get detailed, easy-to-understand facts and sources to help you create a sustainable, profitable corporate culture for your employer and your life. 

Video to be released early June 2019.