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Agile. Attractive. Profitable

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42% fewer days absent

38% more applications

15% more productivity

Federal Ministry for Families, Success Factor Family, March 2019


The potentials

  • Parent employees return earlier & stay longer
  • More applicants as family-friendly is a decision criterion
  • Absenteeism significantly reduced
  • Employees learn work methodology & communication in their spare time
  • More women in career
  • Higher diversity in leadership / management

Fewer sick days, more time for professional commitment, more women in career (FKi), more performance with the existing workforce.

Family stress keeps many employees away from careers. Create better conditions with the help of easyfaM®. Family stress leads to more sick days. The right methods for the family significantly reduce the causes. 

Agile tools for families relieve working parents. They therefore have more energy and time. easyfaM® tools bring modern working methods into family life in a playful way and with great success. The parents proudly bring these positive experiences to the company. Many fears of change dissolve.

= more innovation, speed and profitability

Family-friendly AG survive the digital transformation.

Create basic prerequisites with the easyfaM program.

Result: Your organization will be...

...more attractive. As an innovative, family-friendly employer.
...achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction.
...reduce the stress-related absenteeism of women and men.
...generate more sustainable potential from the team.
...create equal distribution of roles.
...start important foundations for digital transformation at all levels.


Access to the training portal

Effect: Parents use effective methods at home that have been lovingly transferred from business to families. Parents later proudly transfer these private lessons into their working environment; e.g.

Provide a private family Kanbanboard

Effect: At home, agile methods are used playfully with a Kanbanboard and positively transfered into the organization. This creates openness for change and commitment in the job; e.g. with

Within a cooperation, you will be able to influence the topics. However, the focus should be on the important and promising topics.

  • easyfaM® Race: a playful process tool for the morning and evening routines of 3-9-year-old children,
  • easyfaM® Taskboard: Distribute weekly and daily activities in a self-organizing way. For families with children aged 5 and over.
  • easyfaM® Challenge: Celebrate success & improve school grades through playful competition, for pupils aged 9 and over.


According to a study of the IHK KZ Fachkräftesicherung, digital business competencies are

  1. Ownership/Personal responsibility
    Increased work on an ad hoc basis & self-management
  2. Ability to communicate
    Increased effective communication between man and machine
  3. Networking competence
    Share Economy: Provide knowledge in fluid project structures
  4. Agility
    Ability to learn, willingness to change and commitment 

You promote this with a gentle, low-threshold cultural change and the promotion of modern methods at all hierarchical levels.

You lay the foundations for the digital transformation of your employees!

Budget and monetary advantage

Due to the low monthly sum, the costs are significantly lower than the monthly tax limit for benefits. Please contact us to discuss an attractive offer with you.

We are looking forward to supporting you as an employer and hope to implement this unique project with you. Contact us at: