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Balanced media time: Regulate Digital Media Consumption

Sechzehnjähriger Jugendlicher mit Kapuzenpulli sitzt erschrocken und gefesselt in ein Laptop starrend am Tisch

We all have the same question: How much time for digital media is appropriate for our kids? And how to find agreements with my kids?

Sixteen-year-old teenager with hooded sweater sits frightened and tied up staring into a laptop at the table

Computer games and smartphones are so exciting and interesting for our children that they are having a hard time to stop it. Parents and children have different opinions about how much time is "normal" and appropriate. Opinions differ because teenagers often don't feel like spending too much time with their mobile phone.

We as parents often feel helpless and don't know exactly how to deal with it. We have a hard time understanding our children's behavior and to accept it. We feel it is in contradiction to the other demands of life like creativity.

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Solution: Agree on digital media time and rules cooperatively
and visualize it

Rules for the use of computers are only effective if your parent-child relationship is good and intensive in general, if there is a healthy conversation culture in the family and if you spend enough positive time with your  children. The only solution that works in a long run is a solution that parents and kids develop together. It is important that both children and parents understand each other's point of view. We need a clear commitment and a compromise everyone can live with.

Parents are the best coaches for their children! Our tools and video coaching will show you how!

Your journey


  1. Conduct a family IT workshop:  Video coaching area
  2. Select the right product to establish and visualize the new routines and results: easyfaM® Taskboard
  3. Setup tool with your family