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This section collects hints, tipps and suggestions collected from the customer community and easyfaM ideas. This collection shall in particular help you to better individualize your products and get the most out of it. Your feedback to will be checked if relevant to others and added to this section. 

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Where can I change my email?

Please find details regarding your customer account in the header at the upper right corner. There you find your name with a drop-down.

  • change your email or add your phone number
  • see your account information
  • see all orders
  • logout button

Challenge: Tips and hacks

Which additional rules for the use of the balls could make sense, depending on your family life?

  • define a kid specific case when he/she is allowed to add a ball to the glass. This could be: overcome a personal hurdle, reached an individual target
  • to visualize it add a picture of this target/hurdle in the white empty circle on the board (lower left corner)

What prices do we recommend for the lottery of the balls at the end of the month?

  • the prizes shouldn´t be too big. Better use non-monetary prices like: time spent together with one parent alone, 1 hour playing tennis with daddy, city stroll with mummy, the right to choose the next family excursion

How to celebrate a new entry at the family success diary?

You should discuss with your family members how you want to celebrate personal successes. This could be, for example: everyone gives her/him a high-five or a hug whenever she/he enters a new success. 

Membership Videocoaching & Training

How to get my login information for my Videocoaching Membership?

A few minutes after the successful payment process you will receive the login code by email.

What to do if I didn´t recieve my login code?

If you didn´t recieve the login code, please check your Spam folder first. In case of further problems, please contact us via email:

I cannot start the videos in the Training area!

You need to buy a membership for the video coaching first in order you are able to start the training videos or open the .pdf-files. There is the possibility to buy a 1-month membership or a 12-month membership.


Where can I see my orders?

You can find your current and former orders in the header (upper right corner). Please use the drop-down next to your name.

Payment terms, payment handling and PCI DSS Compliance

Payment terms and payment options: paypalvisa mastercard maestro

  • Payments are accepted via Paypal, direct debit, Maestro, Visa and Mastercard 
  • Any payment shall be received before products are released into shipping and before membership access is activated

Approved payment services

  • easyfaM online shop payment services have been audited and certified, that easyfaM complies with international standards
  • easyfaM is certified with the PCI DSS certifcate, confirming that data and processes are safe. 

PCI DSS approved payment services: What does this mean?    

  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the international information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards. The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud.

  • Validation of compliance is performed annually, either by an external Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) or by a firm specific Internal Security Assessor (ISA) that creates a Report on Compliance for organizations handling large volumes of transactions, or by Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) for companies handling smaller volumes.

  • For more details, please visit 

Payment Service Provider (PSP) of easyfaM

  • The PSP of easyfaM is BS PAYONE, a full-service provider, which takes care of all money and according data transfers within the onlineshop. BS PAYONE has the full banking license and holds bank account numbers, credit card data etc. 
  • easyfaM has integrated BS PAYONE in order to provide the best protection for the bank and card data of easyfaM customers and to ensure the highest service level, with a broad selection of payment options. 
  • The services of BS PAYONE are fully integrated in the payment process on

Race: Tips and hacks

Which morning routines could make sense, depending on your family life:

  • standard would be something like: Get up, wash, dress, have breakfast, brush teeth, dress for outdoor and leave
  • you may change things, e.g. pack kindergarden bag, add "combing" if this is not well done, change the order (e.g. dress after breakfast), etc.

Which evening routines could make sense, depending on your family life:

  • here you have a lot of options, depending on your family habits
  • optional routine steps: come home and hang up jacket, clear away shoes, wash hands, have supper, clear the table, brush teeth, undress to pyjama, go to bed, listen to / read a good-night story
  • additional steps like "watching an evening series" is not necessarily a separate routine step. You can just paint it next to e.g. "brush teeth" on the same coin.  (Make sure it is the right order!) The kids are self-motivated to not forget this step. Don´t spend a separate coin on it!
  • always think about which steps are working very well, and which you miss or where the kids are reluctant. Add this process step and replace one, that is already working automatically. By this, the routine gets better and better, until you no longer need the Race board

How to handle the Race board if the children loose interest

  • After a few weeks, the board might get boring for the kids because the morning and evening routine became a routine, indeed.
  • Take the board away for a few weeks and let the kids do their routines without quarrel, but you may remind them sometimes to come back to their well-developed routines.
  • After a few weeks, set up the board again and make sure that the kids celebrate getting it back. You may want to adjust the routine from time to time, or even take out certain steps once the children are older.

Where is the perfect location for the Race Board?

  • in a one-storey appartment, chose a location between the children's rooms and the bath room.
  • in a multi-storey appartment / house, it makes sense to agree with the kids, that the first one coming down in the morning takes the Race board down, too. So, the board would change its location during the process routine and follows the first person in the race.
  • in general, make sure the board is easy to reach for the kids and no need to run far to move their name coin. It shall be visible at a very central place.


How to return a product?

  • You can return delivered goods within 14 days of receipt, without risk as long as you have not personalized the product (e.g. with stickers), damaged or used anything. Products with e.g. already used stickers are excluded from getting the refund.
  • Digital products like the access to the coaching area / coaching memberships are also excluded from returning. No refund is possible here.
  • You have to pay the costs for the return of products yourself (for further explanation, please visit the "Shipping conditions" text below)
  • The credit will be transferred to you using the same payment option like you chose for the payment. Therefore, please add your full name and address to the parcel shipping slip before returning it to us.
  • Stick the return address (easyfaM GmbH & Co. KG, Fridolin-Holzer-Straße 6, D-88161 Lindenberg i.A., Germany) on the parcel, add your address so that we know who gets a refund and send it off! Please stick the label on the bottom of the box, exactly where you find the original DHL-sticker.
  • Please keep your receipt of sending the item back to us until the product costs are refunded.

These notes serve purely to enable faster processing of your return. They are not mandatory for effective exercise of your withdrawal right. Information about your right of withdrawal can be found in Terms and Conditions, see "Withdrawal".

Shipping conditions

Logistics partner of easyfaM for worldwide deliveries: DHL

Switzerland and other non-EU-countries: Simple. We add the customs declaration and 2 invoices to the outside of your parcel. The products Taskboard and Race are usually duty-free due to its bamboo character. The easyfaM Challenge costs approx. 3% customs duty. If you order from Switzerland, you will pay the Swiss VAT and customs duty to the postman at your front door.

Where is my parcel (tracking)?

The embedded DHL-logistics software will provide you a tracking number of your parcel, so that you should be able to track your parcel by entering it into the form: For tracking click here

Who pays the returns and how can I return my product?

We try to keep all costs low so that every family can afford the easyfaM products. For this we present lots of information on the website, so that your buying decision is usually well considered. Therefore, please address potential returns to the easyfaM address and pay for the parcel fees yourself. easyfaM believes that this is the fairest solution to everyone. Please refer to the "Returns" section for return details.

Which countries does easyfaM ship to? To more than 60 countries!

easyfaM ships to most countries. If you are not on the list, please contact us if we still could ship to your country and that the individual shipment costs would be. These countries are defined as a standard process with the according shipment costs for this country:

Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Democratic People's Republic Of Korea, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates

Can I ask DHL to leave the parcel somewhere at the house without signature? 

Yes, you can. However, DHL and easyfaM are not responsible if the parcel disappeared. Rather agree with DHL to drop it at your neighbors or in a package station.

Taskboard: Tips and hacks 

Unboxing video Taskboard: click here in our Youtube channel

Unboxing video Expansion Set: click here on our Youtube channel

How to solve frequent tasks like emptying the dish-washer, clearing the table, clean out the rabbit stable and other things? You may find this helpful:

  • Be clear to everyone, that it is a matter of course,  that daily tasks like these are taken over without discussion. One day together, another day the person who can take the time, etc.
  • Try to find a way that it gets a matter of course. 
  • If not enough, set up a magnet coin with e.g. the "clean out the stable" symbol. This coin gets handed over weekly/daily from Taskboard figure to figure. Put the coin in the head of the figure to clarify whose task it is this week/today. After completion, the person who impleted it hands over the coin to the next figure. You can also use this method if only the two oldest kids in the family share a specific task which have to be done weekly or daily.

Garbage bin swells over? Kids wait too long until they do their weekly tasks? Then you may want to try these:

  • Explain your problem to the family and discuss how the team can improve this.
  • You could double the Garbage symbol and add some timeframe to each of it like  "Mo-We" (Monday-Wednesday) and "Thu-Sa" (Thursday-Saturday). Define an additional rule that states that the "Mo-We" marked activities have to be performed within this timeframe and that everyone has to have a first coin till Wednesday.
  • If no solution, then set up a rule like: before kids have computer or TV time, they check or ask what needs to be done, and earn a weekly coin.

Daily tasks for pre-schoolers and school children: more suggestions on what could fit to your situation

  • Body care and health: Shower, wash, brush teeth, cream skin, take medicine, drink 5 glasses of water, eat 2 fruits a day,  play outside, clear away shoes and jacket, etc.
  • Social warmth and empathy: Hug mommy/daddy, play with friend, say something nice to another person / praise someone, read in a book, go to sports club, feed pet, 
  • Skills and structure: play instrument, draw a mindmap to a topic you like, read a book, un-/repack schoolbag, take bottle and lunchbox out of school bag, etc.

Daily tasks for teenagers and adults: more suggestions on what could fit to your situation

  • Body care and health: Shower, cream skin, take medicine, drink enough water, eat fruit, get some fresh air, clear away shoes and jacket, fitness, sports, go for a run, etc.
  • Social warmth and empathy: meet a friend, say something nice to another person / praise someone, read in a book, go to sports club, feed pet,
  • Skills and structure: play instrument, draw a mindmap to a topic you like, read a book, tidy room, educate yourself further, learn something new, take care of your finances, etc.

Weekly tasks for pre-schoolers and school children: more suggestions on what could fit to your situation

In general, we recommend to practice weekly tasks with the children in order to get a result which you like. You may need to practice e.g. watering the plantes and flowers a few times, until it gets reliable - depending on the age of your children. Here is a selection:

  • Empty the glass bottles for disposal, empty garbage, empty biological waste, empty plastic and paper waste
  • Store away the washed and folded clothes; clear away kids' dirty clothes
  • Empty the dish-washer, watering flowers/plants 
  • Vacuum-clean the (e.g. entrance and kitchen) area
  • Tidy up children room, tidy up toys from (e.g.) living room and kitchen
  • Sweep the yard, tidy up the garage, sweep the terrace / balkony, etc.
  • Clean the rabbit hutch / cat toilet / etc.
  • Go to the bakery and buy bread

Weekly tasks for teenagers and adults: more suggestions on what could fit to your situation

In general, we recommend to practice weekly tasks at the beginning in order to get the result you like. You may need to practice e.g. watering the plantes / flowers or ironing shirts a few times, until it gets reliable - depending on the age and reliabilty of your children. Use the list for school children above, and add these options:

  • Fold the washed clothes and distribute to the right cupboards
  • Iron the washed shirts, trousers and table cloth
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clean the car
  • Clean the fireplace