easyfaM Challenge

easyfaM Challenge easyfaM Challenge easyfaM Challenge easyfaM Challenge
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easyfaM Challenge

Small successes make us visibly happy.
Playful family fun!

Who wants to constantly push the children and urge them to perform? Nobody, because it only causes arguments. Much better: activate their playful self-motivation with the clever easyfaM Challenge. It makes the small and big successes visible: with the happiness and success journal, the anti-stress balls as a reward in the lottery pot and the challenge cup as the visible symbol. In this way, you strengthen their self-motivation and no longer have to push hard.

This happiness and success board makes the small moments of happiness of all family members visible in a child-friendly way, motivates them to achieve better results and promotes team spirit in the family.
Recommended for families with children aged approx. 8-15 years.

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The easyfaM Challenge is a lot of fun for pupils. Imagine how the siblings encourage each other to get better marks, how they proudly present themselves with the stolen trophy for the youngest good mark and how they see their number of successes grow through the clearly visible number of balls in their bowls.

The success journal is a magnetic whiteboard that can be attached to the fridge, for example. Write down all the positives of the parents and children, e.g. if Daddy has achieved a good workshop result at work, or if your son was praised at school, if your daughter had a good tennis game, etc., then write down the results. Give the person who had the success a "High Five", all of them! The change in communication is enormous. You will feel the broad positive support of everyone in the family. Self-esteem and respect will grow. Enjoy the cultural change!

Product information

  • Features and according items:
    • 1x Family success diary (magnetic whiteboard)
    • 1x Trophy: Last best mark steals the trophy
    • 4x4 balls: Select your anti-stress ball type
    • 1x bowl: Drop your ball for each success in the bowl
  • Monthly, parents raffle a prize, via blind draw from the balls bowl
  • A tool set for pupils recommended age 9 years onwards
  • Languages: German, English
  • Contents:
    • 1x full color manual
    • 1x bowl, material polycarbonat, almost unbreakable, 17 x 13 cm
    • 1x metal trophy, colored gold, gold foil label on plastic plinth front, H 28 x W 17 cm
    • 16x anti-stress balls: 4x baseballs, 4x tennis balls, 4x basketballs, 4x footballs. Diameter 40mm. PU-foam. Balls are compliant to EN 71.
    • 1x magnetic whiteboard DIN A 4 ((210 x 297 mm, thickness 0,6mm), with color print for personalised text fiels. Shows all rules for the Challenge set on the whiteboard (whiteboard, balls bowl, trophy)
    • 1x non-permanent marker for writing on the whiteboard
  • Warning: This tool is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 6 years! Small parts – danger of choking.
  • Article weight: approx. 1.250g
  • Packaging size: approx. 36 x 25,5 x 14 cm
  • Assembly required: No
  • Spare parts: No spare part set available
  • Packaging: Plastic-free, to protect the environment