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27 February 2019

Why a little bit of Mary Poppins is good for all families

"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun," sings the cult musical heroine Mary Poppins. Does that also apply to doing homework, practicing instruments, taking out garbage or tidying up rooms? 

Mary Poppins girl with umbrella in front of blue sky

"Family organization and time management is really a question of the right mindset and can be really fun," is easyfaM founder Christian Eineder convinced. "If however already the parents of housework are annoyed and stressed, the children feel that and will not begin at all motivated, because housework in the family is generally negatively occupied , explain the double family father. His goal: to revolutionize teamwork in families and to show all family members that joint family organization is fun! 

"With the right methodology, the family organises itself as if by itself," says Christian Eineder from experience. Together with his wife Heidi, he ventured an experiment: The two managers discovered the potential of agile management methods from their business for their own family in a completely new way and developed playful tools for family tasks. The relief in the everyday life was enormous and the discussions were clearly minimized. The easyfaM products were born!
The science confirms: Children seem to learn effortlessly when tasks resemble a game. They love playful visualization and their brain processes images excellently. So why not use so-called "brain candies" in everyday life to help children learn routines more easily than before (e.g. morning and evening routines)? Or to visualize recurring tasks with pictures, so that all family members perceive the teamwork and contribute their part to it?  
A magnetic board (the easyfaM Taskboard) with task symbols makes this possible. Families define their everyday jobs and routines and depict them visually. In this way, everyone keeps track of what still needs to be done, who has already done it and what there is to celebrate together. 
Each family member decides for himself when to complete his tasks. Because: Quarrels in families arise when parents "now" demand help and interrupt their child at something that seems more important to him at this moment (e.g. finish the puzzle). If children have the freedom and the confidence, they can do it "silently" without discussion.
Christian Eineder recommends joint family rounds for the introduction of easyfaM solutions. "For example, we plan our weekly calendar on Sunday evening and discuss what needs to be done. Everyone contributes to this and is proud when things run smoothly." During the weekly feedback round in front of the easyfaM figures, everyone is praised for their contribution. What we have achieved together strengthens family ties, esteem and the team spirit of the family. And so Mary Poppins' song comes true: "There's a bit of fun in every task!