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06 January 2020

Free parent webinars: The guided path to happy family organization.

Spiegel Online, 01.01.2020. As an editor, Heike Kleen experienced countless feedbacks on the situation of today's families and parents. She summarised her experiences and knowledge and wrote a New Year's article (click) on how parents divide up the manifold tasks in a way that is both livable and lovable. easyfaM is a recommended solution. Reading recommendation!

Man talks with woman in business context at desk

Heike Kleen publishes regularly with enormous reach on Spiegel Online. Her in-depth articles also deal with outdated role models and approaches to solutions. In the mentioned New Year's article - the third in a current series - the easyfaM products are very favourably recommended in the article as a possible solution. 

We are grateful for the broad resonance and the wonderful feedback of some readers. A true reading recommendation! 

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