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The potentials

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  • More family. For the lovely development of your kids, and lifelong development of your lifelong partnership.
  • More fortune. For the sound development of your career and prosperity.

Agile tools for families relieve working parents (and kids!). You therefore have more energy and time. easyfaM® tools bring modern working methods into family life in a playful way and with great success. Often parents proudly bring these positive experiences to the company and improve their career.

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Results: You will have ...

...less hassle with kids and partner
...more time due to the new mechanisms and communication
...more money if you use a share of it for your career
...more equal distribution of roles with your partner and kids a better partner for your employer.

easyfaM Solutions

For families & schools

Agile tools and coaching videos for families.

Speeches and workshops to relieve the school. Given at schools, addressed to parents.

For emloyers

Family-friendly employers are by far more profitable than others. They benefit from 42% less absence days, 38% more job applications and 15% more productivity (study of Federal Ministry of Families, Berlin, 3/2019). easyfaM supports employers to become family-friendly with very little effort, almost with "one click"

easyfaM teaches the digital business competences to working parents, like (among others)

  • agility,
  • ability to communicate, give appropriate feedback,
  • networking
  • commitment and openmindedness.

The cross-hierarchical approach to all parents in the company, all hierarchies benefit from the learnings. The culture change towards innovation, speed and change becomes natural. More about the potentials and concept here.



  1. Ownership/Personal responsibility
    Increased work on an ad hoc basis & self-management
  2. Ability to communicate
    Increased effective communication between man and machine
  3. Networking competence
    Share Economy: Provide knowledge in fluid project structures
  4. Agility
    Ability to learn, willingness to change and commitment